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Poon Hill Trek Day 2

Ghandruk to Tadapani

rain 16 °C

*Text by Class 8 of 2074, Shree Bhagawati Basic School*

I saw clean mountain. Puja I saw colourful mountains in the morning and we can see the fly catcher looking and many birds also looking. Rajesh


I saw new plants, flower and trees. I saw fruits in the jungle. I learned which animals are dangerous and not dangerous. My new experience in the second day is that I saw different animals that I never seen before with my naked eyes like horse and mule. Pradip I learned about a dandelion flower. It is yellow in colour and very beautiful also. My special memory is that I never saw the dandelion flower because there is no dandelion flower in our village. Bipana


I go the hotel and drink the lemon water and we walk and we can see the very tall tree in the jungle. Rajesh We drink hot water and we will walk long time. Samiksha We could see more things but we can’t because of the foggy day as well as little bit raining. Anjan


We have walk for 3 hour from Ghandruk to Tadapani. Samip Today I am very happy and enjoy the walking. Bipana

I saw hotel, we change our warm gear. Samiksha I learned nap means sleep for few minutes. Sujan In lunch we have fried rice and tarkari. It is very delicious. Nirmala


My special memory is that when I sang a song with my friends and teachers. Today I am very happy and excited when we sang a song especially “This Old Man”. Bipana


I learned a lesson that living in remote area is very difficult. Anjan

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Poon Hill Trek Day 3

Tadapani to Ghorepani

sunny 25 °C

*Text by Class 8 of 2074, Shree Bhagawati Basic School*

So today I learned about hydropower project in Nepal Kaski. Samiksha


We saw small, small wish houses in river bank. I saw a white horse like a fairytales when the prince came to take his princess on a white horse but in fairytales the horse got wings but the horse I saw it don’t have wings. Anjan I saw different colour of horse like black, white and brown. Pradip I learned about female yak means nak. Samip


My new experience is that I saw pink and white rhododendron because I never saw pink and white rhododendron. Pradip I saw a species of rhododendron. I saw pink, purple, white and red rhododendron. Nepal is the main beautiful because Nepal is clean. Shekhar


I saw we are going up and up and down and down Anjan We have walk for 4 hour from Tadapani to Ghorepani. It was a lot. Sujan When we came in Ghorepani we saw so many hotels. Rajesh I saw volleyball ground. I saw temple and many shops. Puja In Ghorepani I saw a chimney. It helps to throw smoke. Sagar I can’t believe Ghorepani has big hotel and mountain is in front of us. Nirmala


My new experience for today was staying in such a beautiful hotel with so many facilities. It was my first time. Anjan When we reached our hotel we play a game and I am so excited and happy to play a new game. Bipana


So today I learned that development is very important in every place. If some place is not developed then it’s hard to use or find some things or if we got some things we need it is so so so expensive here. Anjan

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Poon Hill Trek Day 4

Ghorepani to Hile

sunny 30 °C

*Text by Class 8 of 2074, Shree Bhagawati Basic School*

First we will go to Ghorepani to Poon Hill went at 5am. There is so many mountain but there place is cold. I like Poon Hill. Samiksha We went to Poon Hill it takes half an hour. I see a sun rise from Poon Hill. I see a mountain in front of us. Nirmala We went to punhill to see sunrise. It looks amazing to see sun rising from the middle of mountains. Anjan In the top of Poon Hill I saw different mountains like Machapuchare, Dhaulugari, Annapurna and Himchouli. Pradip I saw so many aeroplane in the sky which are flying. Samip My special memories of fourth day is that I saw many mountains in the Poon Hills. Sujan


Today was not so hard to walk because the road was going down. Anjan My new experience in the fourth day is that today we go down and going down is so difficult. Pradip


I saw a lot of monkey, they are sitting on the tree and eating fruit. There are so many people walking in the way of jungle. We all are saw they and told Namaste. Bipana I saw two different bird. Orange bird, yellow bird. Puja The Ulleri village is very beautiful and nice. I can learn about the world. Rajesh In whole jungle I saw so many rhododendron tree. I saw little bit other tree and flower. Sagar I saw snake flower in the jungle. Samip


We will come in Hille. There is beautiful view. We take fresh air. Samiksha We came to our hotel and we wash our body. It is warm here. We ate dal bhat, aachar and tarkari. Nirmala When we play game today those game make me fun and happy today. Shekhar

So today I learned that own village is better than others because we say our village don’t have any facilities. Our village is so boring but now we know that how many facilities we have in our village. We realize that by this trip. Anjan

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Poon Hill Trek Day 5

Hile to Home

sunny 25 °C

*Text by Class 8 of 2074, Shree Bhagawati Basic School*

That day was mother’s day. I was missing my mom but I was happy because I have another mother to Miss Andy. We get ready and make a surprise for our mother Miss Andy. She was so so happy. Looking at her we also be so so happy. Anjan


Today Mr Kiran make a plan that we will pick up litter all the way along, so from that program I learned that throwing is easy but picking up the litter is very hard. So from that I promise I will never throw litter on the way. Anjan


Kiran dai told us how to save our nature. Today we are pick all dust particle from the road and we start to pick all dust particle from Hille to Nayapol. He told us to save our village from dust particle. We are pick up all dust particle from our village in one day of the month. I feel very happy to save our nature. Bipana


I walk the jungle and road and we can carry the wastage from the road. Rajesh When we came in Modi Khola we gave dust particle to the police and we wash our hands. Nirmala


Today my special memories is we have to collect the dust particle. If we do not collect the dust particle it the dust particle on the road and it makes dirty water pollution and air pollution etc in our village. And plastic is non-biodegradable. It makes harmful for us. We can reuse the plastic but we cannot throw anywhere plastic anything. This things I will keep in my mind. Nirmala

We are happy. Puja


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